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Dr. Hildebrand treats female patients from adolescent onward

Patient care, involvement drives Oklahoma OB/GYN medical practice

Cate Hildebrand MD RT

While on rounds during her residency at the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Cate Hildebrand found her calling. Having grown up with a continual string of newborn cousins and siblings to care for, she discovered what she called a “new energy and satisfaction” in her daily responsibilities during her OB/GYN rotations.

“That’s when I knew the field of women’s health was a perfect fit for me” she said.

Now one of the five doctors at OG/BYN Specialists of Tusla, Dr. Hildebrand has established her reputation as an advocate for patient rights, especially when it comes to a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

“Patient autonomy is one of the pillars of medical ethics,” she said. “Too often, I hear of patients presented with one choice; rather, I want to present options and work through them alongside my patient to achieve her goals.”

Dr. Hildebrand has the balance and finesse to take each patient’s particular strengths and health risks into consideration while also managing expectations and goal setting early on in a pregnancy.

“The physiologic changes in pregnancy and the postpartum period are intense, but so many of the women I care for surprise themselves with their own strength.”

“I believe we are called to be advocates for our patients,” she continued, adding that, to her, women are superheroes.”

In her OB/GYN practice, Dr. Hildebrand is most excited about caring for women throughout adolescence, pregnancy, and into older adulthood. She believes in helping young women develop healthy habits early on in life. She does not begin regular pelvic exams until age 21 to encourage young women to establish care without the fear of physical discomfort.“The physiologic changes in pregnancy and the postpartum period are intense, but so many of the women I care for surprise themselves with their own strength.”

“It is such a joy to participate in the care for these superheroes,” she said.

Patients throughout their life cycles can expect attention to detail, support, encouragement, and a non-judgmental attitude from Dr. Hildebrand, who promises to provide support by phone and in person with same-day visit options on most days.

As a mother of a 3-year-old and a newborn daughter, Dr. Hildebrand said she has more compassion for moms in every stage of their journeys.

“I understand mom guilt, pumping, sleepless nights,” she said. “I know it’s all worth it, too!”

A Tulsa native, Dr. Hildebrand attended Pepperdine University in California, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in biology, graduating magna cum laude. She earned her Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Oklahoma, where she was inducted into Alpha Omega Alpha. Her residency at the University of Oklahoma was from 2013-17.

Along with their young daughters, she and her husband, Daniel, care for a wheaten terrier named Lizzy. Dr. Hildebrand loves to cook recipes from Bon Appetit and taste test her husband’s home-brewed beer. She also loves being outdoors. She is an avid supporter of the arts in Tulsa and enjoys memberships to Tulsa Ballet’s Barre Society and Philbrook Museum.

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